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Whaton - Help

What is Whaton?

Whaton(Website and Mobile App) is a social network that helps people to know and find Activities/Events organized in their region and any other place in the world, to promote their activities/events and buy tickets. It connects people by allowing them to follow each other and notifies changes made on Activities/Events.

How can Whaton help me?
  1. Whaton helps you to know and find all details about any Activity/Event organized in your region or in any other place in world without Signing Up :

    • Main actors with their roles e.g:David is Dj or MC, sponser...
    • To know if a main actor will attend or not;
    • Date and Time;
    • Venue;
    • Ticket Prices;
    • The media(TV,Radio..) that will broadcast the Activity/Event;
    • And more ...
  2. Whaton allows you to give your opinion about any Activity/Event organized in your region or any other place in the world, you can :

    • Like it;
    • Say if you are interested by it;
    • Comment it.
  3. Whaton helps you to reach a right worldwide audience for your Activity/Event when you have signed up.

    • Whaton is accessible multiple languages, differents technology(website and Mobile App is coming.) and from all over the world;
    • Whaton makes your Activities/Events bigger, it expands them via your followers and the followers of main actors;
    • Whaton makes people travel to come to your Activities/Events;
    • Whaton helps you to get the opinion of people about your Activities/Events:likes,interest of people and their comments;
  4. In case your activity/event must be known or attended by specific people, Whaton allows you:

    • To create groups of people. The people who are member of the group must sign up on Whaton;
    • To just inform the group you want to attend your activity/event. With this public will not see and even know about your activity/event. Only you and the group you informed.
  5. More features are coming to serve you better.

What Activities and Events can I post on Whaton?
Entertainments, Festivals, Shows, Concerts, Cinema, Parties, birthday, Celebrations, Weddings, Crusades, Praise, Worship, Church, Conferences, Trainings, Seminars, Sport Activities, Competitions, and any other type activities or events.
Why should I Sign Up on Whaton?

If you have signed up, you can :

  1. Post your Actvity/Event to the public or specific groups of people;
  2. Follow others and be followed, this to extend your connections;
  3. Be notified when there is a change on Activity/Event you are interested in;
  4. Like an Activity/Event and give your opinion about it;
  5. Do more...
How can I Sign Up on Whaton?
  1. On Mobile :

    • Click on the Menu at top right;
    • Click Sign Up.
  2. On Computer :

    • At top right, Click on Sign Up button;
  3. Fill the Sign Up form;
  4. Click Sign Up button;
  5. After a successful Sign Up,You will see the Menu at top right and you will be required to update your profile(profile photo,Birthdate,).
How can I Sign In?
  1. On Mobile :

    • Click on the Menu at top right;
    • Click Sign In;
  2. On Computer :

    • Click on Sign In button at top right;
  3. Fill the Signing In form with your email or username and your password;
  4. Click Sign In button on the Signing in form;
  5. After a successful Signing In, you will be in your account and the Menu will be at top right.
How to be active on Whaton?

Being active will connect you to more people and make you known. To be active means, you:

  1. Check Activities/Events that are organized in your region and different place in the world;
  2. Follow other people,organizations...;
  3. Publish your Activities/events;
  4. Like Activities/events that please you;
  5. Say if you are interested so that you be notified when any change happens on the activities/Events you are interested in;
  6. Give your opinion(comment) about activities/events so that the organizer can know what your are thinking about the Activity/Event;
  7. Update your Activities/Events whenever there is a change that the public or the group you posted to should know.
How can I find Activities/Events?
  1. Go to the search where there is category and country field;
  2. Select the category of Activity?Event you are looking for;
  3. Select the country would like to know about from country field;
  4. Leave the search field empty to show all the Activity/Event or Type any word that describe the Activities?Events you are looking for.
  5. There are two modes in which searching result can be displayed:
    • Poster Mode: in this mode the searching result contains the poster of found activities.Good internet connection is need to load the posters(image) in result fast. This mode consumes more internet data.For activities which don't have posters, the details provided by the publisher is displayed. This is the default mode.
    • Text Mode: in this mode the searching result contains the text details provided by the publisher to describe the activity. It doesn't consume a lot of internet data. You can switch to this mode by clicking the Text Mode button.
How can I find Activities/Events using Filter?

The filter give you power to search activities/events based on criteria that you want.

  • Click on the filter button in the search bar(directly under the whaton logo bar);
  • Click on initialize to empty the filter;
  • Set the criteria for searching;
  • Click search button in filter form.
How can I find others(people, organizations, stars,...) on Whaton?
  1. On Mobile: the field for searching user is directly after search bar;
  2. On computer: the field for searching user is on the Whaton logo bar;
  3. Click in the field for searching user;
  4. Type the Username of the person or the organization you are looking for or word that is a part of the username.
How can I connect with people, organizations...?
  • Find the person,organization,start.. you want to connect to from the field for searching users;
  • Check for him/her in the list of users returned;
  • Click on "follow" link to connect

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Whaton is All you need to:

  • Invite people from all over the World or Specific Groups of people to your Activities and Events;
  • Find all information (Venue,Participants(with their Roles), Date and Time, Ticket Prices …) about Activities/Events happening all over the World or concerning your Groups on Whaton;
  • Follow people (Stars, Organizations …) you like and be notified of Activities that they publish or have roles in ( are participating in);
  • Be Notified when changes have been made on Activities or Events;
  • Buy Tickets (Coming Soon!!!)